Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fantastic Relief Society meeting and How Visiting Teaching has Changed

Loved our Relief Society last night! We had classes FULL of cleaning tips for bathrooms (Leila Quinton), getting your kids to work (Kirsten Zesiger, Kristina Porter, and Jamie Anderson) and natural cleaning projects (Angie Lassig). Sisters in my ward are so brilliant!! We even had a drawing for three lucky sisters to win a bathroom cleaning bucket full of supplies and cleaning products! And the berry slush, alongside glass bowls full of chocolate treats, was to-die-for, (Anita Davidson). I loved the sheet of ideas that Delyn Nuttall collected for us as well. You ladies are awesome!

I was reading in the March Ensign this morning and thought I would share here how visiting teaching has changed. Sister Beck tells us that though in the past we focused on completing visits, teaching lessons, or dropping off notes to our sisters' homes, the focus now should be on sincerely caring for God's children. You can do this by:
praying daily for those you visit and their families
seeking inspiration to know your sisters' needs
visiting regularly to comfort and strenthen them
contact them frequently through visits, phone calls, email, letters, text messages, and simple acts of kindness
greeting them at church
helping them when they have an illness or other need
teaching them the gospel from the scriptures and visiting teaching message
inspiring them by setting a good example
reporting their spiritual and temporal well-being

We are the Lord's hands!

We can visit separately or together, and it is my feeling that if one partner has made a contact or visited, the other partner is not done! She still needs to do her caring as well!

The key to being a successful visiting teacher is praying often to receive needed revelation, giving up a little bit of our self-focus and time, and concentrating on caring for our sisters, not just making that monthly visit. As we strive to do his work, the Lord will help us!

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