Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Off to Serve the Lord

Well, we have dropped off our Caleb at the MTC (written last Wed, May 30)! We had a nice day today. But yesterday was good, too. Caleb and I went to do sealings at the temple and it was awesome. Reminded me that he is mine forever even if he is gone for two years. The sealer also told him not to be homesick (he said he doesn't get homesick). He said, "You take care of the Lord's work and he will take care of your work (referring to people back home)." We had a nice dinner together as a family in the evening, and then pulled out all the instruments in the house and had a jam session together, which was SUPER fun!
Last night at 9 our bishop and stake president came over to set him apart. Ellie was in bed asleep and the phone off the hook, so it was very quiet and peaceful. We each said a few words, youngest to oldest, and the crying started with Kari. It was sweet. I told him how proud I was of him that he was such a good example and such a good person and obedient son. The blessing President Welch gave him was amazing. He told him that he was going where the Lord had prepared people to listen to and receive him and that he would not only be planting seeds, but also harvesting the seeds others had planted. That he would bring individuals to the gospel because they would listen to him and the words he would speak, and that there were people who needed to hear the gospel from HIM. He told Caleb that he would bear powerful testimony, and many other amazing things. He also encouraged him to find that one trait in each of his companions that he would like to emulate in order to bring him closer to being like the Savior. He also told him that he would actually recognize moments when he was speaking or acting beyond his own natural abilities.
Afterward, we folded up some of Caleb's laundry and we watched old family videos from Christmas 2002. We wondered who would be the wise men this Christmas (Caleb is always the 3 wise men).

Caleb and I both slept well last night and I awoke peacefully, knowing that everything was done except a little packing. I even had to wake up Caleb this morning; he was just plain sleepy. He said goodbye to his little brothers (who went to school today). That was when I started getting watery. (:

We finished packing him, cut his hair missionary-style, ate dutch babies, and then headed down to Provo.

We went to the BYU bookstore and then to the Brick Oven to eat lunch. Most of the other customers there had missionaries, and the waiters, etc. were asking them all where they were going and treating them really well. They even gave Caleb a missionary packet: two giant cookies and two lollipops--one for him, one for his new companion!

Then we went to temple grounds and walked around (this was a special few minutes) until it was time to head to the MTC. The line was long and it took a few minutes. Four hundred thirty missionaries came today. We were directed up to the curb where two cheerful elders greeted us. They helped us with the suitcases and allowed us a few minutes to hug and say goodbye. They were all very kind and told us they would take good care of him. We had some nice hugs and I love you's and then our super excited boy walked away down the sidewalk.

I was only a little bit sad. Darin and the girls kept talking and making jokes and then we stopped at the University Mall for Kari to try on wedding dresses and then I was fine. I'm fine now, except when I think about it. I just need to keep busy. I did feel a little relief when I was thinking about the kids and their needs when I realized, "I don't even need to worry about Caleb for two years!" I am sure I will a bit, but I feel good knowing he is where he needs to be, serving the Lord, and that his course is set for a while.

He would LOVE to receive letters.  You can write and send them for free at DearElder.com. See the sidebar of this blog for instructions.


  1. Love that picture of Ella and Caleb.

  2. This was such a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing Jenni. We are so proud to be family of such a fine young man. LOVE YOU GUYS! P.S. Where were Spencer and Seth?

    1. The boyz had field day so said goodbye early.

  3. Hi Jenny, It was nice meeting you in Florida. This post is really touching. Your son is so handsome. I found name of cake person,her name is Julie Hill-Julie@gingerscraps.com Good luck! I also on Facebook so if you ever want to contact me. Have a nice rest of Summer!