Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Caleb in Porto, Portugal

Caleb with Elder Peck, his companion
and President and Sister Fluckiger

Panoramic view of Porto,  Portugal, where Caleb is serving
 "We had dinner appointments 5 days this week! For 3 of the meals we ate something called bacalhão, which is cod with potatoes. That´s like a staple food here, they always eat it and have hundreds of different ways to prepare it! It´s good, but only for the first little while. The Portuguese people like to pile it on, so i´ve had to eat plates full of it sometimes. For all the meals we also had real Portuguese bread! It was SO good. It's just like homemade bread, but maybe not quite as good. Still delicious though! We´re always stuffed after the meals with members. I think we have another 3 or 4 dinner appointments this week, so that´ll be good. I think i've still lost the weight I gained in the MTC though, my pants are already loose. We seriously do a ton of walking; we have to walk to the metro a few times a day which is a ways away, then also around bairro´s, and from one bairro to another sometime. We also ride the bus a lot. It's kind of scary how fast they go in such a little street, and how close to cars they get."

"It's interesting how people's view on religion is here. Almost all of them say they're catholic, but that's just because they were born catholic, and baptized catholic. A lot of them don't even believe in God, especially the younger generations, because people don't teach their kids about religion. I think as soon as the older generations die, catholicism will start to die here as well. The weirdest thing is that most of them say that they don't practice their religion anyway, but they stick firmly to the fact that they're catholic, and won't change their religion for anything. They're really stubborn, but at least they're nice. We have met a few people from other religions, like the ''Reino de Deus'' which is an extremely money-centered one, or a few Brazilian baptists. I don't understand how some of those religions keep people in them, and even keep growing. There are also quite a few Jehovah's Witness missionaries here. A lot of people ask us when they first meet us if we're them, or don't even open their doors because they think we're them. The devil is definitely working hard to lead people the wrong way, with all these different churches. I think that's one of the signs of the last days, that there will be many false churches built up, and the devil will have a hold on the hearts of men by them. Something like that."

"I'd like to say that I know that as we put our trust in God, we will know what we need to do in everything! He will always lead us in the right way, if we trust completely in him. I know that he always knows what's happening with us, and will help us if we ask him for it.
--Elder (Bruce) Lee
--Everybody here associates me with Bruce Lee, because I guess they all know who he is. It's really hilarious! So a lot of the members call me Elder Bruce Lee."

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