Friday, August 31, 2012

Wedding Checklist for an LDS wedding in Utah

Here is the wedding checklist we used (first things first).  It is for 8 weeks.  I hope you have longer!  In actuality, we had 10 weeks, but we knew the engagement was coming for a few weeks before the 10 week mark (while Mr. Fiance earned money for the ring).  So we had time to talk about all of Kari's dreams and to begin researching where to purchase and what services to use before the 10 week mark.  Of course, what starry-eyed girl doesn't already have her wedding planned on Pinterest for years before the actual time?

Kari and I poured over ideas on the internet and her dad walked around saying, "NOBODY should be planning a wedding, because NOBODY has come and talked to me yet."  When Kevin got the ring, he came and officially asked Darin for Kari's hand. Needless to say, Kevin passed.

The checklist below is for the bride and her family (not the groom's family).  We took it off the internet and adjusted it to match what we did.  You'll have to add things and adjust things, but it gives you a general idea.

8 weeks ahead (hopefully you have more time!)

Prepare a budget
Talk to family members about any date conflicts (limit who you talk to, you can't make it perfect for everyone!)
Meet with the in-laws to discuss date and how expenses will be shared
Set a date
Schedule temple time and endowment time, if necessary (Kari received her endowment two weeks ahead of time, loved having that special time separate from the wedding)
Select and reserve a place for reception
Decide on a color scheme (already decided years ago!)
Schedule a photographer for engagement photos (immediately), bridals, wedding day (we used 3 different people)
Schedule hair dresser, if using
Schedule invitation appointment. Order invitations as soon as possible
Shop for wedding dress and all accessories
Schedule temple preparation classes as needed

7 weeks ahead
Begin compiling guest list and addresses (determine temple, luncheon, and reception guests)
Arrange for a florist
Take engagement photos
Order cake
Reserve caterer, if using
Determine bridesmaids and bridal party, invite them
Determine what the wedding party will wear (including groomsmen) and begin shopping

6 weeks ahead
Select and purchase groom's ring
Reserve rental items (backdrops, decorations, etc.)
Find a place to live when married
Make appointments for premarital exam, dental work, eye doctor, etc. before insurance runs out
Order or purchase supplies for favors and for decorating: tablecloths, centerpieces, everything!

5 weeks ahead
Finish compiling guest lists
Start addressing invitations
Plan honeymoon and transportation and make arrangements
Arrange for health and auto insurance
Purchase temple clothes

4 weeks ahead
Have bridal portraits taken
Finish addressing invitations
Register for gifts
Determine menu and order supplies if needed
Determine what help you need on wedding day (servers, table clearers, kitchen help, pick up food), ask people
Schedule temple recommend appointments

3 weeks ahead
Mail invitations early in the week
Make sure wedding party clothing is completely purchased (jewelry, shoes, etc.)
Arrange for time off work
Get marriage license
Purchase or order accessories such as cake knives and servers, garter, guest book and pen
Evaluate the tables and decorations at the reception, make sure you have EVERYTHING

2 weeks ahead
Talk to photographer/videographer about special shots you need
Make sure music playlist is ready
Complete anything you are making, framing, or sewing for the special day
Double check all reservations (temple, place of reception, florist, hair stylist, caterer, photographer, cake, rental items, honeymoon)
Gather any borrowed items
Make freezer meals to feed out-of-town guests during wedding week

1 week ahead
Pack for honeymoon
Get manicures, pedicures, wax your eyebrows
Arrange for moving in to your new place
Groom's haircut
Final guest counts
Purchase food
Compile fix-it kit-safety pins, needle and thread, ibuprofen, bobby pins, mints, nylons, makeup

Wedding Day
Don't forget breakfast
Give yourself a lot of time to get ready
Be sure to have temple recommends, rings, marriage license

So, sound like a lot of work?  Yup!  But enjoy the ride!
I'll be posting things I learned and places I purchased from soon.

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