Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day of School!!

Happy day, but I felt at odds.  Kari is learning how to be a wife, Caleb is a missionary in Portugal, Maren is a senior in high school, Spencer is in ninth grade at the junior high, Seth is in fifth grade at the elementary school, and Ella started preschool, two afternoons a week.  Maren isn't pictured because she leaves too early, and besides that she has been using every spare minute to complete her summer project for AP English.

Okay, these were taken after school.  In fact, Ellie's was taken quite a bit  later, as you can tell by the chocolate schmear on her face and the fuzzy hair and the tired eyes.

Maren is taking AP English, Genetics, AP Psychology, Seminary, Statistics, Concert Choir, Adult Roles and Financial Literacy (a concurrent enrollment class from Weber State) and US Government.  Oi.

Spencer is taking Seminary (did you know they are making changes in the design of scriptures? So there were very few sets to choose from), Honors English, Honors Math, PE (hooray!), AP Physics with Technology,  Geography, and Madrigal Choir.  Also oi.

But Huzzah!  I organized a couple spots that were in dire need of organizing. What I really want to do is purge Maren's bedroom, but she says she will do it!  I wonder who will hold out longer.

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  1. thanks for sharing this.most of the parents are disparately waiting for their kid's first day of school with their checklist.