Thursday, September 6, 2012

Marriage in the LDS Temple

Tuesday evening, I attended the Bountiful Temple to do some temple work.  I found this still attached to my white temple dress:
This is the 'Escort' tag that I wore on Kari's wedding day designating that I was her helper or assistant.  When I saw this on my dress on Tuesday and walked into the dressing room, I felt flood of emotions remembering her endowment and wedding day.  I think that I just didn't cry enough on the actual  days, but I made up for it on Tuesday.
Kari received her temple endowment two weeks before her wedding.  The endowment is one of several saving ordinances that we receive in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is a special time to make covenants with God and is necessary before one can enter into the marriage covenant, or sealing. Here is a wonderful explanation of what a temple endowment is:

"In our temples we learn of the great truths of the gospel. The temple endowment provides information concerning the story of man on earth and the means and methods whereby joy on earth and exaltation in heaven may be obtained. The temple endowment also gives special information relative to the required conduct of man if he is to enjoy the fruits of progression and reach his possible destiny. Men and women are taught that they must keep themselves free from sin, that they must be chaste, virtuous, truthful, and unselfish. Moreover, they are taught that they must devote themselves and all that they have to the great cause of truth, to the teaching of the everlasting gospel to their fellowmen.

"Those who receive their endowments and receive this high knowledge, make covenants with God that they will observe the instructions given and carry them out in their daily lives. It is also explained that those who fail to carry out the promises made in the temple will be punished of God, but that great blessings will follow those who accept the truth, practice it, and live the gospel as they should."  William H. Bennett October 1975  The whole talk can be found here.

It was a wonderful experience to spend time in the temple with Kari and Kevin and family before the wedding day, on the day of Kari's endowment. And the time in the temple on the wedding day was just as sweet.  The tears I cried as I remembered it all came from the joy and sweetness I felt from being in the temple with my child, from watching her make covenants with God and with her husband.

Kari has prepared her whole life to be married in the temple.  When she was a little girl, she said, "Mom, sometimes I worry that I might not be married in the temple."  I explained to her that it was her choice who she married and it was her choice to be worthy.  She has worked hard to be worthy to attend the temple. To see her take that step after a lifetime of teaching and preparation was so fulfilling.  To sit in the sealing room with my husband and our daughter, our parents and some grandparents, other family members and friends, was a dream come true.

All of the other wedding preparations were in celebration of this most sacred and important event. The sealing of my daughter and her new husband to each other for time and all eternity was such a sacred, simple moment, but one that will last an eternity!  I know that they will be blessed in their marriage because of the covenants they made with each other and with God.

Celestial Marriage by Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

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