Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding Clothes

Our family in all our wedding finery!
  • Kari's dress was made by her Grandma, Carma Lee.  It is a true keepsake.  Kari was even able to be married in it in the temple.  Brides are asked to keep their dresses simple for the temple, so most girls today wear a temple dress and then change into their wedding dress afterward.  Kari's dress was pretty basic, yet beautiful. The fabric was from Joann Fabrics. We looked all over the Salt Lake Valley and ended up finding the right fabric in Centerville. Specialty fabric shops are more scarce than they used to be, which makes sewing a custom wedding gown difficult if you want to use lace.  To get an idea of what she wanted, Kari tried on dresses at David's Bridal in Layton, Lauren James Bridal at the University Mall in Orem, and Bridal Image at Colonial Square in Bountiful. SO FUN!
  • My dress (the blue ruffles with the white sweater) was from Macy's--the first one I tried on (what a load off my mind)!
  • Darin's suit was from Mr. Mac. Because he's not a big suit wearer, he was definitely up for a new one.
  • Yellow TIES for all the men in the entire wedding party were from Tie One On in the Layton Hills Mall.  They have every color, some with patterns!  If you are purchasing ties for the wedding party, they are one of the first purchases that should be made, because you want to be sure the color of the ties blends with the colors of the wedding. It's easier to match the wedding to the tie than it is to find a tie that will match the wedding. When picking colors, keep in mind what colors flowers come in.
  • Dress slacks for the brothers and groomsmen were from Macy's.  Kari had in her mind a dark gray suit for the fathers, medium gray slacks for the brothers and groomsmen, and a light gray suit for the groom.  Grays come in lots of different shades and tones, so it was tricky making sure they all coordinated nicely. The men looked GREAT in their yellow ties and gray suits and slacks, but we only got one photo of them all together and it was black and white! Also, this approach was a bit more expensive than just saying 'everyone wear dark or tan or black slacks', because most people already have dark or tan or black slacks.
Inspiration for the men in yellow and gray
  •  Flower girl's dresses and shoes were from JcPenney.  Lighter colors are easier to find in the spring. You can often find them on sale, too, at JcPenney or at Kohl's.  Be sure to look both in store and online.
  • Sister's dresses. I made these with navy blue linen fabric (and a 40% off coupon) from Joann Fabrics using Simplicity pattern 2588.  The girls picked out their own shoes and jewelry.
Inspiration for the sister's dresses
    Sisters, bridesmaids, flower girls
  • Bridesmaid's skirts (navy blue and white chevron stripes). I made these with fabric purchased at fabric.com ($7.47 a yard-FABULOUS website with SO many choices) using McCall's pattern 5591. These were a hit!!  If you are sewing, I would suggest using fabric without lines or stripes! But it was worth the extra effort of lining up the pattern pieces.  If I were to make these skirts again, I would be sure to line up the print on the waist band with the print on the skirt.  Notice how the waistband on the 2nd girl from the right is totally in alignment with the rest of the skirt? We provided the skirts for the girls (~$14 each) and they each chose and purchased their own tops, shoes, and accessories (unless they arleady had something they could wear). Purchasing skirts for the bridesmaids was another option-and skirts are fabulous because they can be worn again after the wedding!
How we divided up the purchase of wedding clothes. In our case, each family outfitted their own family members, except, the groom's family purchased all the ties and, since we were very specific about what they wore, we purchased (sewed) the dress for the groom's sister and the complete ensemble for the groom's niece who was a flower girl. In addition, we provided skirts for the bridesmaids, and the groom's family provided slacks for the groomsmen.

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  1. Ashley loves her skirt! You did an amazing job on all of this.