Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wedding, How We Did It Ourselves!

First of all, we didn't totally do it ourselves!  We had a lot of friends and  family who helped! And help from a lot of other places:

Diamond Rental in Ogden or Salt Lake was the most economical place we found as far as rental places.  We rented white resin chairs  and a beautiful cake stand. The arts center provided red folding chairs, which didn't quite go with our wedding, so we rented the chairs and loved how they looked. Diamond also offers tents, backdrops, tables, linens, arches, plants, serving ware, lanterns, easels, etc. (70 chairs $250, cake stand $35)

Ambience Rental in south Salt Lake is where we got most of our other decorations. (Backdrop, lattice arch, room divider, birdcage for gift cards, mini lights, urns and plants, flower balls, lanterns, easels.)  All of that plus delivery was $400.  Unfortunately, the owner told me ours was their last wedding, although she was hanging on to all her stuff to hopefully pass on to a family member.  This was the best place I found for wedding decorating: best selection and best prices.

Picture frames cheap from IKEA
on the rented room divider

Chandelier from my Grandma's house
hanging on the rented lattice arch

Kari stood on books, her shoes were killing her!
The backdrop, plants, and stands from Ambience
There are a few other places like For Every Occasion Rental, where you can rent things for your weddings, and places like Something Borrowed  in Bountiful that will come in and decorate your entire venue in the theme of your choice.

Tableclothes. Purchasing tablecloths was cheaper than renting them.  We were able to find all the sizes we wanted at or  Prices were the same at both: $7-$10 per tablecloth.  **new insight since then--I would now pay for renting tablecloths, because the price includes laundering and ironing them--huge timesaver on these giant tablecloths!

Fabric. We purchased fabric for the bridesmaid's skirts and table runners (right) at Thousands of awesome prints available at very reasonable prices.

Ribbon.  We got a bunch of miscellaneous ribbon for decorating at Gifts International, Inc.  We're talking rolls of 25 or 50 or 100 yards or ribbon for less than $5.00 each, most less than $2.00 each.

Miscellaneous. We got votive candle holders, battery operated tealights, and 100 yards of 109" tulle for our tulle draped ceiling at

Flowers. We had a neighborhood friend do our flowers for the reception and for the wedding party.  She did an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job.  I feel like the flowers were the final touch that made everything else click. We ordered a lot of flowers: bouquets or little mounds (above right) for guest tables, 2 bridal bouquets, about 8 boutineres, 8 or 10 corsages, and 8 or 10 bridesmaid's bouquets. Flowers for the entire wedding were about $695, and that was flowers at wholesale cost with our friend charging $12 an hour for her time. Serious sticker shock, here. But that was a GOOD deal for that many flowers! The groom's family paid for the flowers for the wedding party. If you live in my neighborhood, give me a call and I will give you my friend's name.

Dishes. We got disposable plates, forks, and tongs at Don' for an awesome price, after much research. We found napkins and cups at the Xpedx store in Salt Lake City, because that's where I went first.  I might have found a better deal online.

Serving dishes. I purchased large vases for vegetables at Homegoods, gathered large glass trays and covered cake plates around the house and from a couple neighbors, bought small glass serving bowls from Dollar Tree (really!),  and borrowed several apothecary jars from a friend of a friend of a friend. (It pays to ask around!) I spent a total of $36 on serving dishes.  And $20 more on a drink dispenser that matched my sister-in-law's.

Yes! I would love to lend you my stuff!  I have 8 white round floor length, 7 square navy blue, 2 white long tablclothes, 24 frosted votive candle holders, lanterns, picture frames, some dishes, a pretty drink dispenser, a covered cake plate, and some large vases.

Up next: Food: where we got it and how many to plan for (we were totally off, so we'll tell you our mistakes!)

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  1. Hi Jenni,

    I know this comment comes years after this post was published! I found your blog on the internet while researching wedding plans. I've loved your insights and suggestions. I would be interested in contacting your neighbor who did your flowers (if she is still doing flowers) to see if she would like to do flowers for my daughter's wedding on June 27, 2015. You can call me at 801-298-8501 if this is a possibility.
    Julie D. (in Bountiful)