Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Picture updates

Spencer received his Eagle Scout Award tonight.
He has had his Eagle since February, but we've been kind of busy
and he didn't want a big deal made out of it.  Finally got
it scheduled and done.

Spencer--we're so proud of him!

Seth-one of the Three Amigos

Seth receiving his Arrow of Light in September
He's a new scout now!

Seth's 11th birthday!  We had chocolate molten lava cakes.

What a beauty.

Favorite quote:  "MOOOOM, you never let US get
storebought costumes!"

Maren and her date!  We had so much fun coming
up with this Mary Poppins and Bert getup!

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  1. Congrats to Spencer! He is definitely growing up. Good job, Sethie! I still love his cheeks. Ellis is daring of course. And what a fun costume Maren and her date had!