Monday, March 18, 2013

Notes from Stake Women's Conference-Guardians of the Hearth

It was the stake women's conference on Saturday and it was amazing.  I just thought I'd share some of the things I learned (this is strictly off my notes and I only wrote down a few things, so please don't hold me totally accountable for exactly what was said or meant!)

Sister Denise Hillyard on Nurturing Your Marriage Requires Organization, Patience, Love, & Work

There was a quote from a book I have never heard of: Beginning of Better Days, Divine Instruction to Women from Joseph Smith. I am going to look up that book.

Sister Hillyard talked about filling a jar with rice and then trying to fit some golfball sized balls in it.  Next she put the balls in first and then put the rice in.  She said that when we do essential things first, the rest falls into place.  The essential things she talked about are: prayer (family and personal), fhe, scripture study (family and personal), cooking meals with some nutrition, exercising, temple attendance, church attendance, date night, and having a clean & orderly home. (Clean enough to be ..... (clean?), dirty enough to be home.)  I was excited to be reminded that planning and preparing meals was an essential thing, since it takes so much time, and those kids just keep wanting to eat.  I need to place higher priority on date night.  My husband and I were able to have a date that very evening and we discussed everything I learned at women's conference-this is one of the blessings of having a date night.

She said to never leave the house without morning prayer as a family.
She said we need to be a reassurance and a solace for our husbands. 
We need to never speak ill of our husbands to anyone. 
We need to remember we are spiritual beings living a physical life, not the other way around.

How do we be organized enough to fit everything in?  She quoted D&C 88:124 "Cease  to be idle; cease to be unclean; cease to find fault one with another; cease to sleep longer than is needful  [dang]; reture to thy bed early, that ye  may not be weary; arise early, that your bodies and  your minds may be invigorated." [double dang]

Sister Shar Weight on Speaking Wisdom Before Your Little Ones-Teaching Old Fashioned Values to Children

The old fashioned values we came up with were these: manners, respect, responbility, honesty, kindness,obedience, virtue, work ethic.  Too many have a false sense of entitlement. "I am, therefore, give it to me."  The discussion focused on having a family economy to help children realize how to value money and work. Different ideas for a family economy were discussed.  My husband and I were able to later evaluate whether the money earning/chore requirements/getting a job requirements, etc. in our family were working, based on if our children have a false sense of entitlement.

Sister Becca Cowan and Sister Deanna Jardine on Preparing Yourself and Others for Missionary Work

Becca gave a wonderful testimony on her journey to going on a mission.  Sister Jardine talked about some of the following:

The goal in life is not to serve a mission, it is eternal life.  Preparation for a mission is the same as preparation for going to the temple.

"Have faith to be obedient to the point of sacrifice once and  then you will be able to do it again. " Henry B. Eyring

A mission is a wonderful experience in which a young person turns the corner from me!me!, to giving him or herself up to the Lord's will.  They see the hand of the Lord in their lives.  He strengthens their weaknesses.

Referring to the age change for young men to have the option to go on a mission at age 18, and to young women of mission age, she said we should not judge their decisions.  She said that the Lord will call them to go on a mission when it is time (if that is the path for young women).  The Lord will call them through the Holy Ghost.  And they will answer. We need to help them to recognize the Spirit. This is done through family prayer and scripture study.

Sister Jardine talked about how her grandparents and great grandparents went on missions, and taught by their example that 'this family is a mission serving family.' 

President Welch

Said, referring to our country, we should not be naysayers, especially in front of our children.  We still live in a blessed and great land.  This land is still a land of promise, and those who are righteous will still prosper in the land.

We need to consider how to better place the Savior as the foundation of our homes.

If you feel inadequate, you need to remember whose errand you are on.

Notes to myself from the conference
As the mother of the home, I need to invite the Spirit to dwell there.
Pray for family members by name (in family prayer).
Be better at family prayer in the morning.
Focus myself more on what things need to be done for the kids (or what they need to be working on).
Grownups should be the example of old-fashioned virtues.
Kid number __ might need to vacuum more. (-:
Work on doing scripture study (personal) in the morning.
Ask myself  "How will what I do or not do affect my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren?"
Take more time to help kids recognize the Spirit.
See above, "If you feel  indadequate, you need to remember whose errand you are on."

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