Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sewing Projects--I'm learning SO much!

Bridesmaids Dresses.  I sewed FIVE of these.
For fun!  You can't PAY me enough--it's all for fun!
Although there may have been a few moments when
I wondered if I WAS having fun. 

The girls accessorized their own dresses.  Looks like
it was quite a fun wedding!  I forgot to go--I was so

Look at the cool little pin tucks on the sleeve. 
I thought this dress pattern would be a cinch.
Simplicity 1880
But it included pin tucks, pleats on the waist front
and back, a SIDE zipper, and a wrap-around
bodice.  BOY, did I learn a TON!

A little Mexican lady in my ward is the Mother
of the Bride (different wedding).  She is about
4'8" tall, and wider than me.  She was so cute
and happy about everything. 
Dress Pattern McCall's 2401
Jacket Simplicity 2150

She loved the rippled front of the jacket and
I was excited to surprise her with the embellishment
on the neckline and sleeve hem.  

The back of the jacket.  I have a ton more to learn
but I really learned so much, and love
completing these types of projects.
 Sister G is going to teach me how to make tamales!! 

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