Monday, April 7, 2014

Being Grateful

I don't think he realized it, but in his letter from his mission today, my son sent the most perfect example of following President Uchtdorf's counsel to be grateful.

Hello Family!
This week seemed really uneventful. Except for conference, which was amazing! We were able to watch all the sessions, in English! Almost our whole zone was there, so we had a group dinner of Fajitas in between the sessions. My Favorite talk was probably President Uchtdorf's about gratitude; I really like how he explained that we shouldn't just be grateful for things, but live in gratitude, and I want to try really hard to do that. I liked the example he used of Nephi when he was tied up on the ship, how in his afflictions he still praised and glorified God. There are SO many other examples in the scriptures of that praise, another one I really liked was when Ammon meets up with his brothers again. So, that's my goal, to live more gratefully. I also really liked a talk in the priesthood session, I don't remember who it was by. It was about the POWER, AUTHORITY, AND KEYS of the priesthood. There was A LOT of doctrine in it that I thought was interesting, how everything in the church is done under the AUTHORITY of the priesthood, even those serving in callings that don't hold the priesthood. He talked about how the blessing of the priesthood are available to everyone, man and woman. 
Here's a funny/cool story from last night. First, I've had a really bad rash behind my knees and on my legs for about 3 weeks (I'm going to the hospital for it sometime this week), and last night we slept at the Alverca elders, where the conference was. Because I was a leper, I got voted to lay on the ground. I ended up finding a small bean bag, and some folding chairs that weren't too bad if I laid them flat on the ground. I haven't slept well lately because I've been waking up itching all night, and I knew it would be worse there on the ground. So I said a prayer that I would be able to sleep alright, and after I finished I had the idea to wrap my socks around my knees, to cover up the rash. It ended up doing the trick, and I didn't wake up at all that night itching. Kind of an interesting way the Lord answered my prayer! Also, the other elders said they slept horribly, because their mattresses were really uncomfortable. So that's what they get for casting out the leper. ;)
I hope everyone's doing well! Fiquem bem!
--Elder Lee

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