Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Missionary Twelve Days of Christmas

Twelve Days of Christmas for a missionary and his companion.  My notes.  Idea taken from I got most of the stories off this site, but because it was September (and Christmas items were few), and my son was going to be in the hot Philippines, I made story and treat substitutions as necessary (not too much chocolate, etc.) The site has links for ordering the treats on Amazon, but I was able to find less expensive substitutions.

Instructions for the missionaries:
Read the stories starting December 13. Open the package marked with the same number.  Guess what the package has to do with the story.  If you don’t get the package until Christmas, start on Christmas or Christmas Eve with number 1, then do 11, then do the rest in order.

1.Why Christmas Trees Aren’t Perfect –small tree and decorations, or could use paper tree and décor, or Christmas Tree shaped peeps
2.The Other Wise Man-ring pops
3.Christmas Day in the Morning-Cow Tails candy
4.In Shepherds’ Field-pooping sheep-or small pack animal crackers
5.A Boy Learns a Lesson-beef jerky sticks (for RR tracks)
6.Christmas Family-chocolate coins in a red envelope (or neccos, or ‘gold’ dollar coins)
7.Rudolph-That Amazing Reindeer-reindeer peeps or pez, or chocolate covered raisins (reindeer poop)
8.The Christmas Orange-a chocolate orange, or in hot climates, orange licorice sticks, or orange shaped gummies
9.A Brother Like That-hot wheels cars, or mini car candies
10.Christmas on the Rhine-gingerbread cookies or gingerbread man peeps, if it’s September and you have to send your package already, sour patch kids
11.Stockings Filled with Love-small stockings and candy canes, encourage them to write their testimonies and deliver these to someone
12.Will the Christ Child Come?-Christ in the manger of some kind, ornament, etc.

Hobby Lobby had Christmas items at the end of August (stockings, small trees and decorations, ornaments).

Note: get SMALL packages and if things are boxed, remove the boxes to save room for other gifts/items.

Links for the stories listed above that are not on the link:
Stockings Filled With Love
A Boy Learns A Lesson
Will the Christ Child Come?

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